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What coffee from this bar in Ghent do you prefer?

Everything from coffee beans and workshops to the best coffee machines can be found at WAY. This coffee bar in Ghent, also known as We Are Young, have specialized themselves in all things coffee. Thanks to their many years experience you can always trust them to help you with finding exactly what you need. Are you looking for a professional coffee machine? Then they will explain everything you need to know about the Sage Espresso machines.

Coffee for filter

Is coffee for filter more what you are looking for in their online store? Than you might want to take a look at their very own brand. WAY has created coffee that is fit for all filter brew methods, such as pour over and plunger. This coffee is even compatible for Moccamaster and Aeropress. They even sell the necessary filters to brew their beans into a delicious drink. Are you already excited to try this coffee? Then the next step is choosing which flavour you prefer. This coffee bar in Ghent has created an easy-to-use system of symbols. This makes it easier to identify the type of coffee that you can buy. Do you see a big brown diamond on the package? Then the coffee has a dominating sweet flavour. Does it also have a red circle on the front? That means it has a fruity taste. Other symbols that you might find are the yellow triangles, meaning the acidity, and the green parallelograms, which stand for the floral and herbal flavours. The size on the package depends on how dominant the taste is in that specific coffee.

Stop by for a taste test

What better way to figure out what coffee you prefer, than to drink at this coffee bar in Ghent. There they will serve you the finest coffees, which you can also buy in their online store. For more information about their products, you are free to send them an email or call them. Their experienced employees will gladly explain everything you need to know.